Weight loss, getting fit, healthy eating!

exercise blog post JPGHey readers! After a much needed break from blogging [see this post.. I was having another one of those moments!] I wanted to talk working out/getting fit/ eating healthy with y’all!

As some of you may know, I’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds and get in better shape overall, especially with this pageant coming up! I found great information AND inspiration from the web last week as I started my  journey to getting fit, and I wanted to share it! Check out these links:

My bestie KaShawn wrote an article about fitness for women! It includes an interview with my Prophyte (Sorority Sister) who lost 40 pounds on her weight loss journey and she looks great!

Beauty Guru Eva (MyLifeAsEva) shared a video last week about toning your core and getting your body bikini ready for spring break. I love her vids, the editing is always flawless!

I’ve been doing this 8 minute workout when I don’t have time to do a 30-1hr long workout. It’s all cardio, check it out!

My co-worker and former Miss SC Bree Boyce’s whole platform was dedicated to weight loss. She lost 112 pounds on her journey to become Miss America. She’s given me some tips and she has a whole website full of them!

AshleyDBeauty on YouTube is preparing to run a 5K and she shares some of her tips on eating healthy.

I googled “How to lose weight in one week” and this article from Cosmopolitan popped up. Some helpful and some.. interesting tips came with this article lol.

Natural Hair guru Naptural85 shares 13 ridiculously easy changes for weight loss on her last lifestyle video.

I’m thinking about getting a nutribullet. Does anyone have one and if so, do you like it? Beauty Guru Morgan Taylor made a green smoothie with her nutribullet that I’m thinking about trying this week.

Model Jasmine Sanders or @Golden_Barbie on Instagram is ALWAYS in the gym working out in her pictures. She’s super fit and although I’m not trying to be a model, seeing someone THAT dedicated to staying in shape is definitely some inspiration!

Update: I lost two pounds this week! *does jig* I’m kicking it up a notch this week though. I bought some greek yogurt and trail mix bars to snack on lol, and I opted for a kid size sub on WHEAT from Subway today instead of my usual foot long on Parmesan Oregano bread.

Are you trying to lose weight/get fit for Spring Break or any other occasion, maybe just because? What are you doing to achieve your goals? Let me know! Let’s trade ideas!



An introvert in a pageant?

pageantpicI’m so introverted. I am going to do more posts on what it means to be an introvert soon, but I figured this would be a good starting point.

Just to be clear, an introvert does NOT necessarily mean that someone is shy. An introvert is someone who’s energy is drained by being around people for long periods of time. Not to say that the people are annoying or their presence makes them uncomfortable. It simply means that the more you are around a group of people, the more drained you feel. An introvert needs to be alone to feel recharged again. An introvert internalizes everything.

An extrovert is the opposite; an extrovert gets energy and thrives off of being around people. An extrovert externalizes everything.

The world is heavily focused on being extroverted; we love people who are talkative, outgoing, outspoken and irrevocably charming. If you aren’t these things you are deemed shy and forgettable, or sometimes even mean.

I love extroverts! I love to be around them and most of my friends are extroverted. But as hard as I’ve tried to be in the past, I’ve accepted that I’m not that.

What does this have to do with the pageant world?

photo (2) (That’s me in the blue :))

I had my first pageant meeting last weekend! 🙂 I met the girls and they are all SO beautiful. I can tell that each girl is going to bring something beautifully unique to the table. A array of different skin complexions, different vibes, different hair textures.. I loved it. I’m super excited about this pageant.

Some of the girls were shy and some of the girls were more confident in speaking in front the group, which was all okay.

When we were introducing ourselves, we were asked to give our name and a little bit about ourselves. I’m a writer, so I had to this cute little paragraph in my head that would have been so creative and charming– on paper. When I opened my mouth to speak, it was okay BUT it was not at all what I pictured in my head.

I even forget to mention that “I love to write.”

But it’s okay. It was only the first day.

I almost got discouraged. I’ve never really been TO into pageants because they seem so extroverted to me, based on how you look, how you sound, and in some pageants you need an extroverted talent: singing, dancing, acting– not really painting, writing, or knitting.

BUT this pageant is different in so many aspects. I’ve excepted the fact that I’m an introvert BUT at the same time I’m not going to put myself in an Introvert Box. I’m not going to count myself out because of some characteristic.

Our Public Speaking coach said something that stuck with me this weekend: “Once you find your comfort zone, get out of it.”


OH, and I’m selling ads for the pageant! If you are interested in purchasing one PLEASE feel free to contact me 🙂

Check out my first post about the pageant HERE!

My favorite Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie also wrote about being an introvert.

Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Our Vlog!

valentines dayyyyHappy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whoever you are spending it with, I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!

As some of you may know (especially if you follow me on any social network!) My boyfriend Rob and I have a YouTube channel called the ModernDayColemans. We’ve been vlogging our randomness and relationship advice for about 3 1/2 months now! We’re  young couple (we’re both 22) but we try to give advice about the things we actually do know about haha.

(If you want a more detailed post about Rob and I, just let me know!)

We talk about different things and act silly, loud and have fun. Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend I thought I’d share some of the videos we have that are “romance related”.

Our Couples 1-2-3 Tag (Which, was kind of a fail LOL )

10 Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas!

We also have a little something for the long distance couples 🙂 

Another Date idea: For Rob’s birthday, I took him to see his favorite team the NY Knicks!

For my birthday, he took me out for a day and threw me a surprise dinner!

Let me know what you guys think about our channel, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Comment below!


I’m doing a natural hair pageant!

photo(1)Hello Readers! I’m coming to y’all today with a special announcement! *drumroll please*

I am doing a pageant! Even better, a Natural Hair pageant!

The ladies over at QuenchSC, a new natural hair boutique opening up soon in the Southeast, are hosting a pageant called Naturally Crowned Carolina.  My best friend bought the pageant to my attention (check out her blog, too!) and I read over the guidelines and everything , liked what I saw and sent in my application. And here I am!

I was skeptical about blogging about it at first, but I figured this would be a something cool to document through blogging (and even vlogging- don’t be surprised if a video gets added to this post!) and to hold myself accountable as far as toning up for the pageant. Yes, I still want to get abs!

I’ve done a couple of pageants before, one in high school and one in college. I’m super excited about this one because with it being NATURALLY crowned Carolina, it kind of sets a new standard for pageants. I love when natural hair is celebrated! I can’t wait to see all of the ladies rocking their fro’s so beautifully. Fros + Pageant gowns? Yes, please!

If you want to help out, I am selling ads for the pageant. So whether you have a business you want to promote, or maybe you just want to tell me congratulations 🙂 contact me and I’ll get you that info immediately!

I’ll keep y’all posted with everything as best as I can. Check out the other pageant contestants HERE.

Fun fact about my headshot: I hate it! lol. That’s my headshot from work; the night before I tried a new method with my flat twist-out. It didn’t dry in time so it didn’t lay right the next morning! But, nonetheless, I’m still super excited about this natural hair pageant 😀 (and since then I have perfected my flat twist-out! lol)

P.S. I haven’t officially blogged about this yet, BUT I am offering Social Media/Blogging Consulting services over on The ReddLipstick Blog (remember her?) My rates are unbelievably reasonable. Check em out and let me know what you think!


TwentySomethingSeries: I moved to LA to pursue my dreams

It’s been while since I’ve done a Twenty Something Series post, but we are back at it! This time I am featuring the beautiful and talented Kelly Gibbons, a former classmate of mine!

Kelly made the decision to leave school and move from South Carolina to L.A. to pursue a career in acting and singing.  Find out more about Kelly below in this interview,  plus some of my favorite original songs by her!

How old are you?kelly gibbons


What made you decide to move to LA?
My dad’s sister has been living out here and working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. We started visiting CA when I was about 4, and that was around the time I discovered the world of music and theater and became really passionate about it. I decided that I wanted to eventually end up here and that was that. So, I guess it’s a goal I have been working to achieve for about 18 years now.

Was it a scary decision?
The decision wasn’t as scary as realizing that I was going to have to be 100% on my own from here on out. I have been pretty independent since I was around 17/18, but my parents were always right up the street in case anything was to go terribly wrong. The scariest thing is just the reality that I am actually a real adult now.

How did your parents feel about the move?
I am lucky to have one of the most supportive families in the world. They have been to every show since the very first concert I put on in my living room when I was 5. They were a little apprehensive about me being so far from home, just because I have never lived more than 30 miles away from them, but they know how head-strong I have been my whole life about getting out here to work on expanding my creative path a little more.

What do you hope to gain from the move?
I don’t think there is any one particular gain that I want from it, I just enjoy experiencing new and different things. Moving from Columbia, SC to Los Angeles is like moving to a whole new world. There are natural pro’s and con’s for both places, but it’s less about specific gains for me and more about coming into my own and figuring out who I a
kelly gibbons 2m. So I guess I hope to gain personal growth?

I am not even 100% sure that I will stay in LA for the rest of my life, I only knew I was moving out here about 2 weeks before it happened! But I think that this is the right place for me to start and I’m really excited to see where it leads from here.

How do you like LA so far?
I am loving it! Parking is a pain, but the weather is amazing and the people have been great.

 What was the hardest thing about moving?
The hardest thing about moving was spending every dime I have getting out here and having to start my savings back from scratch, haha! It’s not easy trying to save money and start a new life at the same time! It was hard leaving my family and friends, but staying in touch these days is so easy with all of the technology that we interact with on a daily basis.

There’s always a downside to being so far from friends but I’ve learned one of the good things about people is that if they are a good friend, they’re locked in for life. It’s hard to miss people who you talk to everyday! The time-zone difference isn’t that fun; I am three hours ahead of everyone back home so sometimes when I get off work and want to FaceTime a friend, they will already be in bed. But all in all, its not really like leaving my friends, its more like expanding my friend circle.

What type of music do you like to sing the most?
I would never be able to answer that! I have had so much exposure to so much music in my 22 years of life that I can’t even pick a favorite genre to listen to! My dad raised me on The Beatles and Chicago and The Eagles, and then in high school I was into the punk-pop/indie/emo thing. Back home I worked in a record store for the better part of 3 years and I got really into classic and current R&B and cool, current, underground indie bands. I guess it would depend on my mood. I like to sing the songs that understand how I feel at the time.

Who are your musical/theatrical influences?
My influences are constantly changing. Right now I am really into Lana Del Rey. I love Amy Winehouse and John Legend. I am getting into Lorde, as she keeps coming out with new things. I am also really into mainstream artists like Katy Perry and Kings of Leon. Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine has an incredible vocal belt.

Theatrically Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Mendzel are untouchable. Taye Diggs is up there with those two. All of them also translate to film beautifully. Cinematically, I would say I love the passion that Leo DiCaprio puts in his work. Natalie Portman is amazing at connecting with different kinds of characters. I think Lizzy Caplan is very up-and-coming. With theater and film it’s so different because an actor can be defined as good or bad with just one role. If the wrong person is cast for a role it can ruin them pop-culturally as an actor, even if they’re amazing. It’s very cut-throat!

kel3Was college ever an option for you and if so when did you decide that
you would rather pursue your dreams than go to school?

At one point, I did think that I was going to go to college. I had been accepted into SCAD in Savannah and spent a lot of my senior year making the final plans to move to Georgia. I don’t know why, but I never felt a connection with the idea of college. I sort of felt like I was doing the things I could to make my parents happy. They have always been very focused on education and my sister did everything in order and so I was trying to fall in line, but my heart wasn’t really in it.

I have a hard time committing to something when my heart doesn’t, so I felt very conflicted. I knew that I wanted to do music or acting, and I knew that those things didn’t necessarily require a degree for success. I felt that spending 4 years in a classroom studying about those things wouldn’t help me progress as quickly as going out into the world and grasping them for myself. I ended up having a few hiccups in my senior year and ultimately college didn’t go as planned, but I’m not disappointed in myself for not going.

I took a year off from the education system, but I eventually went to a technical college… for 3 weeks. I knew myself too well to think that I could feign interest in academia for a whole semester. But all-in-all, I wouldn’t be where I am if I had gone down that path. College degree or not, I am living the life that I have wanted to for the majority of my life.

I am working on a top rated television show, working towards releasing my first music demo, and making connections in this industry that might not have been possible if I had gone down a different path. I am extremely happy, and I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for me.

Check out Kelly’s YouTube Channel here!

Here are a few of my favorites:

If you are a twentysomething doing something great or you just have an interesting story to tell, email me at india@TheReddBlogger.com and let’s talk about getting you featured on here! #Positivity

So far we’ve had a two twentysomethings who are engaged and live in LA, a twentysomething who’s been shot twice and survived, my own personal experience of being in Seventeen Magazine, my quest for abs, a twentysomething who’s studied abroad and now HATES clubbing, one of my favorite YouTube Gurus, and my own personal disdain for the club (is this unheard of for a twentysomething? Let me know.)


Have you ever had a friend go viral?

Have you ever had a friend go viral?

This happened to me about a week ago.  A close friend of mine received a rather suggestive photo from someone (we New Imagelater found out that it was sent from a fake account) through Insta Direct Message. My friend responded with encouraging words: calling the young (fake) lady a Queen and asking her to have more respect for herself and not to send suggestive pictures to people she didn’t know. He asked her to be the Queen that God designed her to be.

He then posted this message onto Social Media, and the photo instantly went viral. But not necessarily in a good way.

 He was bashed, the tweet got Re-tweeted a few hundred, close to a thousand, times. Women called him a jerk and worse. Men called him soft, and worse, and that he “ruined the chance of men everywhere to receive suggestive photos from women”. Why?

I think it had something to do with my friend leaving the suggestive picture attached to his response, leading a lot to think that he was only exploiting her further. Granted, leaving her picture attached wasn’t the best idea, but I can assure that you that his intentions weren’t ill.

Aside from the fact that the people who accused my friend for exploiting this girls picture were a part of the 500+ people who re-tweeted the (fake) girl over and over again…aside from the fact that this is someone who (before we realized her account was fake) sent her picture to an anoynymous person over the internet, it made me angry that my friend went viral this way.

 Is this a form of cyberbullying? Imagine 500 people yelling obscene things at you in person. Is it no different over the internet? The fact that something can share so quickly over the internet without someone even having enough of a chance to say “Wait, THIS is what I meant.” Is a bit interesting.

 I argued with someone about it over social media, shortly before I decided to do my Social Media Cleanse (yes, THIS is the incident that sparked it!)

The next day, we realized that a lot of people were commending my friend for standing firm in his beliefs. You have to be that way, when 100s upon 100s of different opinions are thrown at  you every single day over social media. You’re automatically subjected to criticism, unwanted opinions and internet bashing sometimes.

How do you feel about the situation, or going “viral” in general? Let’s talk!

SPEAKING of Social Media, I’ve launched a Social Media/ Blogging Consulting business! 😀 I will do a separate blog post about this soon, but if you just can’t wait to talk business with me, check out the link HERE.


Social Media Cleanse: Why I did it.

social media cleanseThis is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and I actually meant to write about it BEFORE I did it.

BUT, I just couldn’t wait anymore. Here’s why:

I’ve been getting sick of Twitter for a long time. I just couldn’t take the fake-philosophers, the self-righteousness, the rude, the obnoxious.. anymore.

I’ve contemplated deleting my Twitter or fasting from it all together, but with my blog and my full-time job (which requires me to be logged on 8 HOURS A DAY) I wasn’t going to be able to do that.

It was getting to the point where i dreaded Twitter. I hated awards shows because I was so annoyed with how everyone was going to over-analyze every movement on my TL. I was constantly getting in arguments because someone said something completely rude and insulting for shock value.

It didn’t occur to me to do a social media cleanse until after talking to my boyfriend, who said “I take Twitter too seriously.” (Exhibit A) and my best friend, who said “My Timeline doesn’t look like that, I don’t know who you’re following.” (Exhibit B.)

So, I made a mental note to de-clutter my TL. I was following close to 1300 people, and after my 1st attempt at de-cluttering, I was STILL following close to 1300 people.

UNTIL, this weekend.

I logged on to Twitter when I should have been doing something slightly more productive like blogging or cleaning, to found out that one of my close friends was getting completely dragged on Twitter for standing up for something he believed in. I’m talking about 100s of people insulting my friend. I could feel myself getting angry as I replied to a few of the people who were insulting my friend, and I thought “He REALLY needs new Twitter followers.”

You know what? So did I.

After about a half and hour of furiously clicking away at anyone who has ever tweeted something uninspiring, insulting, or unnecessary-I got my follower count down to 385. From 1300.


I have about 1700 followers right now and that number may drop drastically ones these people realize that I’m not following them. But a TL full of fellow bloggers, Believers, friends and inspiration is so much better than a crowded room of 1300 people.

Like I said,  my job requires me to be logged on to Twitter all day and it’s going to be as comfortable for me as possible.

Without the clutter I can communicate with other writers, bloggers and vloggers because I’m seeing their tweets so much more frequently than before. I like this. And I feel MUCH better.

I encourage you to try it and let me know how you feel when you’re done! You probably won’t regret it.

On top of this, I’m trying to learn how to not to be so work oriented all of the time, as you’ll see in THIS post!


Happy Founders Day, Deltas! OO-OOP!

Alluring ProseHappy Founders Day to ALL of my sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, INCORPORATED!


But Seriously, it’s my first Founders Day as a woman of Delta and I’m super excited .

101 years ago today, 22 college educated women came together to make an organization that made a difference. An organization that was concerned with the physical and mental well being of others, politics, economic development, and education along with SO many other things.

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Redd Review: Box of Happies!

Instagram: @BoxOfHappies

Instagram: @BoxOfHappies

Hello readers! I hope everyone celebrated their New Year’s Eve in a GREAT way!

My first post of the year will be targeted towards supporting small businesses.. so if you have one, listen up!

Box of Happies

is a subscription based monthly box that features handmade items from artists everywhere.  I’ve actually had this box for a while (This is the October box, I believe.) But I’ve finally had a chance to thoroughly look at the box and even use some of the items!

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Natural Hair: One Year After I Big Chopped!

Hello readers! It’s the end of the year and I just wanted to share my natural hair journey with y’all.. maybe it can inspire someone to go natural or someone that is already in the process! I big chopped in … Continue reading